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Images from all covered NETA events are now avail.
The main directory gallery is located here:
NETA has emailed members out the photo password or
we can send it via facebook if you message us.
(FB link at top of page)

Display a new and exclusive NETA themed decal on
your favorite steed
David Scarbro has made these new stickers and will be generously
donating the proceeds to the general NETA fund.
Hats off to the Tom Butland and the
Green Mountain Plonkers for hosting a
terrific two day event at Bolton Valley
Ski Area. Lots of fun was had by all
who attended.
Max has updated the NETA YTD
standings post GMP on the Events
page. Thanks for banging this out so
quick Max.
Bob P created these GMP class
summaries (below) for optimal bench
racing conditions.
Note from Bob P. on the summary rollups he made.: As in the past combined results, I’ve
identified any Clean Loops with Zero points dropped in Yellow & also identified Loops
with 7 of 8 Sections cleaned with Red 7s (missed a clean Loop by only 1 Section). My
reasoning for this – to show the best riders in Each Line (hoping to encourage the Riders
to move up a class when they are ready). Pretty easy to see how much harder Sunday
was from Saturday