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Tentative 2020 NETA schedule:
4/26       RITC Training School
5/3         KPTR  Wrentham
5/17       Meriden MC
6/7         Springfield MC
6/21       Rhode Island TC
7/19       State Line Riders (NY)
9/27       Rhode Island TC

10/4       Meriden MC

10/10     CATRA
10/11     CATRA
Proposals & Voting Results

1) Change Naming of Novice Sections to Sportsman                                                Passed
2) Name Plate Letter  2" Minimum    ( already in rule book )
3) Number plate background color to match gate color  (effective 2021)             Passed
4) Reduce # of Riding Classes                                                                                       Passed
5) NETA riders  #  to stay on plate  (minimum # size of 1 ")                                      Passed
6) NETA to supply conforming vinyl decals to members for plate                           Passed
7) Eliminate Double sections                                                                                         Passed
8) Limit to 3 gates per class per section                                                                Withdrawn
9) Eliminate Vintage "V" gates from events                                                                Passed
10) Issue Awards per Line ridden eliminate awards per Class ridden                        Fail
11) Change Senior C line from 4 loops to 3 at events                                                    Fail
12)  Five mile loop requirement                                                                                         Fail
13) Combine Senior Expert line with Advanced line                                                      Fail
Congratulations to Joe Antonelli and Dan Williams on their
induction to the 2019 NETA Hall of Fame!
Also to Carl "Coach" Swanson for being honored by

the Manx Trials Club on the Isle of Man
To Bo Mostowy and Bill Bonneau for being trials masters for best
event of 2019 at RITC Exeter.